Market Overview


Hong Kong Market

The Hong Kong pharmaceutical market with a population of around 7.5 million people is estimated to be US$1 billion in 2011.

Doctors, pharmacies/western drug stores and private hospitals are the three major players in the Hong Kong pharmaceutical private sector, accounting for 25%, 25% and 10% of market respectively.  There are around 10,000 registered doctors in Hong Kong and about half of them are in private practice.  According to Hong Kong Laws, private practitioners can also dispense drugs and that is what they usually do after consultation and charge patient a single fee.  Moreover, there are around 250 pharmacies and 2,000 western drug stores selling not only prescription and OTC drugs, but also toiletry items.  Lastly, there are 12 private hospitals in Hong Kong serving the more affluent or privately insured public.

Government hospitals under the administration of the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong formed the largest public sector of the Hong Kong pharmaceutical market constituting 40% share of the market.  Majority of their purchases go through open tenders.

Imported drugs are likely to continue dominating the market, with a current market share of nearly 80%.  Hong Kong local manufacturers are facing increasing regulatory restrictions, such as the GMP standard upgrading and rising cost of production.  On the other hand, overseas GMP-certified manufacturers with a reasonably large domestic market and lower production cost can benefit from Hong Kong's duty free import policy.

Sales of nutritional supplements and health food are still small compared with the total pharmaceutical market. However, with increasing consumer interests in improving physical and mental well being, sales in this category are expected to grow.


The China and Macau Markets

Due to close proximity and sharing of same Chinese culture, Hong Kong always act as a perfect spring board into China and Macau markets.  Our experience and connection allow us to serve the mainland China and Macau markets both efficiently and effectively.  Business enquiry is welcome.