Our Service

With our motto "Quality, Value, Service" in mind, we are proud of the quality and cost effectiveness of products from our suppliers; as well as our commitment of providing the best possible and professional service to our customers.

For our suppliers, we take care of their product registration, storage, distribution and marketing.

For our customers, we help to fill their dispensaries with products of the highest quality and value.

Together, we will make health care affordable to more people. Our service includes:

Distribution Services and Capabilities

1.    Logistics
1.1. Goods collection and receipt
1.2. Warehousing
1.3. Delivery
1.4. Goods return management

2.    Financial
2.1. Ordering and payment
2.2. Invoicing
2.3. Credit control
2.4. Debt collection

3.    Sales and Marketing
3.1. Handling product registration and other legal requirements
3.2. Formulating marketing strategy and brand management
3.3. Planning and execution of advertising and promotion programs
3.4. Making sales and order taking