What Do We Do

Sales Detailing

Our experienced team has good relations with pharmacists and doctors. They are well equipped by continuous training in both pharmaceutical and sales related knowledge.


We can offer professional marketing events and promotion that satisfy ethics and sales needs. Our customers always find our marketing very effective that leads to successful target achievement.

Customer Service

One of our company motto is Service. Our customers appreciated our service that helps to build and establish trust and long term loyalty.


Our state of the art storage facilities offer above standard storage conditions that guarantee product quality throughout their official shelf-life.


Our logistic department fulfills the current requirement of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) save-guarding the quality of product upon delivery.


Our acquirement of PIC/s GMP Manufacturer License (Repackaging) offers flexibility to adapt import product packing/labelling according to local law and market requirement.

Product Registration

Our experience and expertise in regulatory and registration grant us some shortest time in achieving registration approval. We have more than 200 product approvals in our registration portfolio.


All our employees undergo continuous training with respect to their job positions making sure that they are well up-dated in terms of knowledge as well as any new advancement in their job and responsibilities.

Quality Assurance

Different departments in the company perform periodic self-inspection exercises making sure that they are up to standards and their quality of service excellently maintained.